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Ghostleft has worked with non-profits, startups, and a state party. During these times, it became obvious that there are many areas for improvement within campaigns, organizations, and politics. Ghostleft looks to solve some of the issues for these entities by providing a high quality, low cost option for web hosting to support their digital presence.
Ghostleft was founded in November 2019. We have partnered with organizations and campaigns seeking progress. To start a dialogue, please complete our interest form. No campaign is too small to deserve a high quality website and hosting. Every organization should pursue their mission and not worry about their website and Ghostleft is here to support that.
Adhering to best practices
Backed by over a decade of digital experience heading digital programs for the leading organizations in the Colorado progressive space, we apply the lessons that we know and have learned to the Ghostleft experience.
Providing more than just hosting
Web hosting is a fairly straightforward product but without expert guidance, the end result (the website and general web presence) is lacking. We step in by making hosting more than just a server for progressives to have the foundation to succeed online.
Centered on creating progress
One of the most apparent things in the progressive digital space is the underutilization of forward-looking strategy and the adoption of as-things-have-been-done approach. Ghostleft aims to re-center the approach on impactful results.
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